Toland Poll Merino Multi-Vendor Ram Sale Catalogue

This year we will be selling 10 rams at Hamilton on the 6th of August and 8 rams at the North East Merino Breeders sale at Benalla on the 13th of August.

Here is a PDF link to the sale catalogues:

Toland Poll Merino Multi Vendor Sales Catalogue


Below we have a very friendly 1573. We are putting together a booklet for the North East Merino Sale at Benalla so we had to take photos of each ram and of their wool. 1573 (lot 13) made it very difficult as he kept on coming up for a pat!!! Very cute. Just below the photo is a link to the PDF where you can view a photo of the rams and their wool. They also have current ASBVs on the sheet.

If you wish to preview the rams before Hamilton and Benalla then please contact Anna for a time that is convenient for you.

Link to Benalla Sale Rams: Benalla Sale Rams