33rd On Property Ram Sale - Held exclusively online using AuctionsPlus September 28th, 1pm. Sale will open Friday the 25th at 4.00pm

REPLACEMENT Lot 69 has been replaced with 191063
REPLACEMENT Lot 91 has been replaced with 191671
REPLACEMENT: Lot 80 has been replaced with 191408

Link to PDF Catalogue: Toland-Catalogue
Link for Excel Catalogue: Updated-catalogue-18.09

How to use AuctionsPlus to purchase a ram: How to use AuctionsPlus to snag a ram

Link to AuctionsPlus Catalogue: auctionsplus.com.au/auctionV2/New/#/catalogue/13636

We are thrilled to release the catalogue for the 33rd On Property Ram Sale. As you know from previous correspondence, this year’s sale will be conducted exclusively online through AuctionsPlus. The sale will open on Friday the 25th of September and will run all weekend through to the official start time of 1pm on Monday the 28th of September. I am including a document that explains the AuctionPlus system so I urge you to read it and register early. If you have any concerns then please contact me or your agent and they will be able to help you on or prior to the day.


Now, on to the rams! Lots 1 – 12 are regulation March shorn and spent 10 weeks in the shed in preparation for the multi-vendor sales that didn’t go ahead. Once these sales were cancelled the boys were returned to the paddock with the remaining sale rams and have been running with them ever since.  The rest of the rams were shorn in the first week of April.  They were side sampled in early July and the tests have come back a little broader than normal due to the supplement feeding they required prior to the grass growing! Their ASBV for YFD however, on average, is -0.6, which is how they will breed genetically.


The past 12 months have been very testing, both on us and the rams!  Two extremes, from a hot, dry and dusty summer where we were still carting water as late as early March and then on to a wet Autumn, receiving over 300mm since the rams were shorn in early April.  This has definitely put the rams to the test.  We have been extremely pleased with how the rams have performed through both extremes and have presented themselves for this sale. 


The Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) in the catalogue are from the new run released today (August 17th). You will see that I have included Post Weaning Weight (PWWT) on the catalogue this year as we continue to promote the early growth and early maturing genetics that we have injected in to the Toland stud. Early Breech Wrinkle (EBWR) has also been added this year for those who are working towards a mules-free flock.


Lastly, we will be holding private ram inspection days so you can view the rams prior to the sale. We will begin in September and will follow strict Covid rules to ensure the safety of you and us! Please contact your agent or me for a date and time that suits. I am happy to draft out a shortlist of rams for you prior to your arrival. Just send through the lot numbers and I will have them ready.


I will continue to update the catalogue on the Toland Poll website and Facebook page when the new Sheepgenetics run is released in a fortnight. Keep an eye on the site for any replacements also. We will be taking photos of all of the rams hopefully next week to add to the AuctionsPlus catalogue so stay tuned for that. I have included an excel sheet for you to sort accordingly. The first sheet has the ASBVs shaded in blue to show that those animals are in the top 10% for that trait whilst the green reflects the top 20%. I have also included their Birth Type (single or twin) on the excel sheet (38% twin born and 62% single born) for your information. The second sheet is not highlighted in case you would like to print it out. If you wish to print the PDF just make sure it fits in the landscape margin as it may take off the notes on the far right side.


Thank you for your ongoing support this year. Dad has decided to slow down and step back a bit allowing Simon and I to buy the business and run the stud. It is exciting and we are loving the challenge! Of course, he has been on hand at all times to offer advise and make gentle suggestions!!! We are lucky to be able to continue the Toland Stud and genetics after nearly 60 years of breeding.


We look forward to welcoming you on the farm soon.




Anna and Simon



Anna – 0438981605

Simon – 0427514695