Breeding Policy

We aim to breed highly productive fine sheep with loose, pliable skins well covered with soft, even, white, lustrous wool with extreme character (ELITE WOOL).

Sheep are constantly selected for confirmation and doing ability under competitive grazing conditions, to ensure that quality wool is founded on sheep with strong constitution.

The poll stud incorporates the productive features of the horned merino stud, through years of crossing back to the horned sheep. 

All rams bred for sale have had fibre diameter measured since 1984. Fibre diameter analysis (FDA) and skin testing commenced in 1988 and fibre curvature measurement in 1997. Reserve rams are fleece tested and weighed every six months. The whole drop of males and females have been measured up to yearling stage since 2000. Special stud sires and ewes have been skin tested to evaluate follicle and fibre quality and density.

Toland blood sheep are leading performers in wether trials, and in the national Central Test Sire Evaluation Scheme (CTSE) and Sheep Genetics. We commenced benchmarking our flock in the 1970s through wether trials, in the 1980-90s through the CTSE, and since 2000 through Merino Genetic Services and MERINOSELECT. In response to the outlook for better returns for sheep meat, we are using fat and muscle depth measurements along with regular body weighing to enhance the value of our sheep.

We also specialise in breeding plain bodied naturally bare sheep. Below is a photo of Toland Poll 091187 who exhibits bareness around the tail area. He is unmulesd and is in the top 10% in Australia for the sheep breeding value Early Breech Wrinkle (EBWR).