Location: “Feltrim” 650 hectares, (6km north west of Violet Town in North East Victoria (180kms north east of Melbourne).
Terrain: Flat and undulating country with a mix of loams, clays and gravels. Acidic soils with Red Gum and Grey Box verges.
Rainfall: 25 inches (625 mm). Winter dominant.
Pastures: Annual subterranean clovers and grasses, perennials, phalaris, legumes and Lucerne.

Sheep Numbers: Shearing 4500 sheep: 1200 Stud Poll Ewes, 800 Flock Ewes.
Fleece Wool: 16 - 20 micron AAAM adult average = 18.5 micron
Fleece Weight: 6.0 kg.
Annual Ram Sales: 200 rams
Aim: To breed highly productive fine sheep with pliable skin well covered with soft, even, white, lustrous wool with extreme character (elite wool). Conformation and meat traits are also a selection priority.
Health Status: Brucellosis Free Accredited. OJD MN3-V. ABC Score = 7. We commenced the MAP program in 1997 and the whole flock has been Guidar vaccinated since 2003. 


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