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Our History - Toland Merino, Toland Poll Merino

Toland Merinos originated in Omeo in 1982, comprising two thirds of the Bindawarra Stud until separation in 1990. We have been in the North East of Victoria since 1988 and have developed highly productive fine merinos excelling in heavy cutting elite wool. In 1988 a Poll Merino Stud was started and is now a major emphasis of our operation. All sale rams have full ASBV’s available.

Breeding Objectives

  1. To produce free growing, bright, soft, long stapled wools under 19 micron.
  2. To grow large framed sheep producing heavy, supreme quality wool.
  3. To breed fertile sheep with high growth rate and early maturing progeny.
  4. To develop increased worm resistance and improved carcass quality.

Toland Merino